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Jason Hardware range of sliding door window roller for external doors are developed with functionality and durability in mind. Designed with either two or four wheels, these heavy-duty sliding door rollers are ideal for both high-end residential and commercial application. As technology and design evolve low sightline window and door panels and accompanying sliding door rollers are becoming more popular. To complement sliding door designs that maximise outdoor views and natural light, our range includes both sill-mounted rollers which are easy to replace, and rail-mounted rollers ideal for environments with high levels of debris and contamination. Our heavy-duty door roller assemblies are composed of a diverse range of materials to suit different environments. All sliding door wheel carriages have undergone rigorous testing to ensure longevity, durability and reduced rolling resistance.

We produce all about sliding door window roller, including sliding door rollers. Combination with metal / plastic roller and housing. we have made both OEM and ODM rollers for many different industrial application. Our ability in designing and making automatic assembly machines help us to eliminate high labor costs and possible error from manual production.

* Built with semi precision bearing.
* Low noise.
* Durable and resists track wear.
* Engineering plastic.
* Life time testing & approved.

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