Provide safe zones for your kids


Provide safe zones for your kids.

We come across hundreds of tragic ‘kid falls out of window’ stories, all of them results of a moment’s inattention. Children are admitted to hospitals every year with serious injuries, as results of falling from windows or balconies. These accidents often occur in the kid's own house. But these accidents can easily be prevented with simple window security solutions. Fitting window catches, locks or restrictors to stop your windows from opening too wide can provide safe zones for your kids.

Toddlers are particularly at risk!

Pre-school children are particularly susceptible to falls from a height as they are curious and want to see what’s going on outside, but have no real understanding of danger. They can take parents by surprise with a sudden growth spurt. You think they can’t climb but before you know it, they can clamber up on furniture or haul their toy boxes across the floor and open a window. And accidents happen in a split second when your back is turned or you’re distracted.
Toddlers have different body shapes than adults – their heads are proportionally much bigger than ours, so they have a different centre of gravity. When they lean out of a window, they may topple out and they land headfirst as they are top heavy. But rest assured as we have a solution for your state of mind. You can easily prevent this type of accident with our window security solutions. Jason Systems provides such a solution with Jason Safety Locks.

Features of Jason Safety Locks

Jason Systems offers several product options for a security window system such as Security Lock with Hook, Extra Safety Lock, Security Lock, Window Restrictor and Lockable Window Handle. All of these products are designed to help to keep the burglars out and the kids in. Apart from these features, the window restrictor provides optimum ventilation. With this special product toddlers and kids are unable to get out as they can not fit the gap that the product provides.
Jason Window Safety Systems are simple and effective child safety and accident prevention solutions designed to set your mind at ease. Jason window safety solutions are ideal for any floor of any type of building and help to create a safe, accident-free environment and help keep intruders out.